Evangelical Church of Christ Buer in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Tree 271

Planted by:

Deacon Andreas Bröcker

Biblical Votum :

Colossians 2,3: "In Chistus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."

Tree species:

Prunus domestica 'Große Grüne Reneklode' - Plum Tree

Planting in the Luther Garden :

On May 9th, 2015, Deacon Andreas Bröcker (4th from left, with spade) and confirmands as well as other congregation members planted a plum tree on behalf of the Evangelical Church of Christ Buer in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Planting the partner tree :

On September 27th, 2015, after a festival service for the 50th birthday of the Thomas Church in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Deacon Andreas Bröckner planted a gingko tree as partner tree for the Evangelical Church of Christ Buer, together with Pastor Peter Spelsberg (right), Presbyter Gerlinde Zelmer-Chaouch, Retired Pastor Norbert Filthaus (2nd from right) and volunteer church workers Jasmin Hopert and Norman Uhlenbrock.

Location of the tree :

This tree is located in the :
Luthergarten Andreasbreite
Location of the Luther Garden :
Between Wallstraße, Kurfürstenring (formerly Hallesche Straße) and Elbstraße
Tree 271
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