Luthergarten 500+

“500 Years of Reformation – 500 Trees in Wittenberg.” Under this motto, the Lutheran World Federation and the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg created a living, international, and ecumenical monument for the Reformation Jubilee in 2017.

In Wittenberg, the Luthergarten is completed with 500 trees planted. For each of the trees in the Luthergarten, there is a partner tree in the world. The international Luthergarten network is not limited to 500 trees – it can and should continue to grow.

People of all cultures and beliefs are invited to take part in the project “Luthergarten 500+” by planting a tree (or multiple trees) in your area and connecting to the Luthergarten network.

There are good reasons to participate!

  • The Luthergarten represents a worldwide community of people who promote peace and reconciliation between people of all cultures and beliefs.
  • The Luthergarten represents a worldwide community of people who value the freedom and worth of every person, thereby carrying the values of the Reformation into the future.
  • The Luthergarten represents a worldwide community of people who take responsibility for preserving creation.
  • Whoever plants a tree works against climate change and maintains a habitat for many forms of life:
    • Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and water.
    • Trees offer habitat for insects, birds, and other wildlife.
    • Trees regulate the water balance in ground and air.
    • Trees help prevent erosion.
    • Trees give shade and cool the air in hot summers.

The Reformation continues. Its high regard for the freedom, worth, and responsibility of every individual applies to all people of the world. That is what Luthergarten 500+ stands for.

How can I participate?

Your name and the location of your tree will be included in our network if you provide us with the following information:

  • Name (person or organization planting the tree)
  • Tree species
  • Tree location (postal address: street name, city, country)
  • Tree location (geodata)
  • Tree planting date
  • A photo of the tree

Submit this information to: We will confirm that your information has been received.

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