Evangelical Church Congregation Friedrichsdorf in Gütersloh, Germany

Tree 251

Planted by:

Rev. Hans Kasch for the Confirmands 2014

Biblical Votum :

1 Corinthians 3,11: "For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ."

Tree species:

Prunus domestica 'Von Nancy' – Plum Tree

Planting in the Luther Garden :

On May 14th, 2014, the Director of the LWF Center Wittenberg, Pastor Hans W. Kasch (pictured), representing the confirmation group, planted a “Von Nancy” Mirabelle plum on behalf of the Evangelical Congregation of Friedrichsdorf in Gütersloh, Germany. The confirmands had heard about the Luthergarten in Wittenberg during a unit on the Reformation and enthusiastically decided to take part in the project. Supported by the congregation’s leadership, they shaped a harvest festival worship service around the theme “grow like a tree,” and informed the congregation members about their plan. During a congregational meal, they ran an ice cream stand, and in Advent they sold waffles. In this way, the finances were quickly secured.

Planting the partner tree :

On March 30th, 2014, following the confirmation service in the Christuskirche, Pastor Dorothee Antony (left) planted a maple tree with her confirmands as partner tree for the Evangelical Congregation of Friedrichsdorf in Gütersloh, Germany. The confirmation group had energetically promoted the tree planting in the Luthergarten in Wittenberg, presenting the project to the congregation and raising money in creative ways

Location of the tree :

This tree is located in the :
Luthergarten Andreasbreite
Location of the Luther Garden :
Between Wallstraße, Kurfürstenring (formerly Hallesche Straße) and Elbstraße
Tree 251
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