The Luther Garden for Children

Here you can find the tour as a print version.

What do you like to do in a garden?

  • Play?
  • Have a picnic?
  • Be with friends?
  • Water the plants?
  • Pick fruit?
  • Take a walk?

This is a garden for you! You can do lots of your favorite things here!

Have you seen the playground?

This is also a garden for the whole world! Each tree here was planted by people from around the world. Even a king and a queen came!

They came here, read some words from the Bible, talked to God, and planted a tree.

Then they went home and planted a tree there, too!

Each tree has a sign that tells where the people who planted it came from.

  • How many countries can you find in 2 minutes?
  • Can you find one from near your home?
  • How about one from very far away?

Did you notice that there are lots of different kinds of trees? And other plants, too?

In the Bible, we hear how God created all the different kinds of plants, and animals, and people.

God saw all of them, and God saw that it was good!

Then God rested and enjoyed creation. We can enjoy God’s creation too, when we notice all the wonderful things God made! Here are some ideas:

  • Draw a picture of a tree you like.
  • Lie in the grass and look at the sky. Think about how you are part of this big creation!
  • Say thank you for some plants you see: “Thank you for dandelions! Thank you for apple trees!”
  • Are there leaves on the ground? Find as many different colors as you can and think about all the different people who planted the trees!
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