500 years of reformation - 500 trees for Wittenberg

"Even if I knew that the world were to collapse tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree today" (ascribed to Martin Luther).

In 2017, Lutheran churches will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (Jubilee) that had its beginnings in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

As a means of giving expression to commemoration, the Luthergarten (Luthergarden) has been established in Wittenberg on the grounds of the former town fortifications. In connection with this project, 500 trees will be planted at different places in the city region, giving a concrete sign of the optimism so clearly expressed in Luther's apple tree quote.

Churches from all over the world and from all confessions are being invited to sponsor one of the 500 trees to be planted in Wittenberg, and at the same time to plant a corresponding tree in a place that is significant for their own church.

Through this cooperative project, the Luthergarten will stimulate interaction and set a communication process in motion. Positive impulses will emerge and spread out into town, the region, the country and, finally, into the world. In this way, the far-reaching significance of the Reformation will become tangible.

The project has been initiated by the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, with support from the German National Committee of the LWF and the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (VELKD) and by cooperation with Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

Aug 27 Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Katharina von Bora and the Roman Catholic Congregation Liebfrauen in Heidelberg, Germany
Sept 17 Lutheran Church of Peru
Sept 19 The Evangelical Church in Greece
Sept 25 Church District Mufindi, Tanzania and Church District Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Germany
Oct 02 Ev. Luth. Church in Denmark
Oct 04 Ev. Luth. Congregation Mtii, Tanzania and Ev. Luth. Cathedral Congregation Güstrow, Germany
Oct 05 Ev. Luth. Congregation Budapest-Deák Platz, Ungarn and partners in Apáca (Transylvania, Romania), Csákvár (Hungary), Ebern (Germany) and Porvoo (Finnland)
Oct 08 Maria Magdalena Congregation in Thedinghausen, Germany
Nov 01 Ev. Luth. Congregation Urfersheim, Germany
Nov 01 Ev. Luth. Church Districts Auerbach and Plauen, Germany

Luthergarten Schlosskirche

Each euro allows the Luthergarten to grow!

It is not possible for all churches to raise the entire amount for the tree planting. But we do not want to exclude any church, particularly in this worldwide and ecumenical project. With your donation, you can help these churches to participate in the unique project Luthergarten.

Bank details:
Account holder: VELKD/LWB-Zentrum Wittenberg
IBAN: DE75 8006 3598 0000 4556 87
Bank:   Volksbank Wittenberg eG
            Collegienstraße 12
            06886 Lutherstadt
Purpose: tree planting WB + your name and address