List of all trees

At differnt places in the ground of the former town fortifications from Wittenberg the trees for the Luthergarten were planted.

Luthergarten Andreasbreite      - number   1 - 292                         
Luthergarten New Town Hall   - number 293 - 398
Luthergarten at Luther House - number 399 - 500


Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

Nov 11 The Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope
Nov 21 Ev. Congregation Martini-Luther in Erfurt, Germany
Nov 25 Mexican Lutheran Church
Nov 25 Lutheran Church of Peru
Nov 25 Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Synod, Canada
Nov 25 Southern Diocese, Ev. Lutheran Church in Hungary
Nov 25 The Northern Great Lakes Synod, ELCA, USA