Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Church of the Palms in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA - Luthergarten

Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Church of the Palms in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
Lutheran Church of the Palms, Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

“October 29, 2017, was a beautiful Sunday in Palm Harbor, Florida.  We held Reformation Service at our church that morning.  Together we heard the Word of God and then we were inspired by beautiful music and a homily which reminded us of our heritage in Jesus Christ.  Together we came to the table of Life and grace and shared in the Eucharist, which called us to then go and spread the Good News of the Gospel.
Immediately following the worship we exited to our back lot where we had two Foxtail Palm Trees planted the day before.  We felt it appropriate to plant a tree which will flourish in the Florida climate and at the same time can remind us of our connection to the tree that was recently planted in Wittenberg.  Our Pastor prayed a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for our connection to people of faith all around the world, each rooted in our faith.  We then each laid hands on the trees in order to join us together.  We pray that the ceremony helps to give life to the church and to our heritage of faith.  It was a beautiful ceremony of commemoration and unity.

Following the tree planting we gathered in the Church Hall to share a pot luck meal in which each dish used apples as part of the recipe.  Our meal remembered Luther’s statement, that if he knew the world would end tomorrow he would plant an apple tree today.  In fellowship and feasting together we brought ourselves even closer together and we will remember this day as it is connected to our tree in Germany too.  God is blessing us and we are grateful to be able to share those blessings.”     Members of Lutheran Church of the Palms

It is the corresponding tree for the Lutheran Church of the Palms in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA, related to the tree number 434 in the Luthergarten in Wittenberg.

Am 29. Oktober 2017, im Anschluss an den Reformationsgottesdienst wurde im Garten des Pfarrhauses eine Palmweide gepflanzt. Es ist ein Baum der sehr gut an die klimatischen Bedingungen in Florida angepasst ist und gut wächst.

Nach der Baumpflanzung versammelte sich die Gemeinde, um miteinander das ein Mittagessen zu teilen. In jedem Gericht sollte ein Äpfel Teil des Rezepts sein. Dieses Essen erinnerte an Luthers Aussage, dass, wenn er wüsste, dass die Welt morgen enden würde, er heute einen Apfelbaum pflanzen würde.

Es ist der Partnerbaum der Lutherischen Kirchengemeinde Church oft he Palms in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA, zum Baum Nummer 434 im Luthergarten in Wittenberg.