The Heaven´s Cross

The art installation “Heaven´s Cross” is located in the Luthergarten Andreasbreite. The “Heaven´s Cross" by artist Thomas Schönauer was solemnly consecrated in 2016. It replaces the former grid’s cross and completes the garden to an ecumenical monument. It is located in the middle of the ellipse-shaped garden which is designed in the form of a Luther Rose. Here, surrounded by the heart, we find a triple cross, growing skyward. The rusty-looking cross made of Corten steel, placed in the ground, symbolizes our connection with the earth and the difficulties in our lives - the earthly dimension of our existence. As well as the trees, the cross is extending skywards. Above it, subtle connecting rods allow two crosses to hover horizontally. They illustrate the trancedental parts of our lives. The rods connect the earthly and heavenly dimensions of our life. The aluminium material is light and floating: Our “rusty” live on earth is able to glow and to give our live a new quality. Just look up! Thomas Schönauer, the artist, would like to invite to do so.

“Why am I in the world and what can I give personally to the world”, are questions which arise to the former federal president of Germany, Joachim Gauck.

Andreas Kipar, architect of the garden, appreciates the new establishes room underneath the cross: “A cross which offers protection – perfectly for gathering and discussing.”
So, the cross becomes a vivid and diverse reformation’s place for people worldwide.

The cross was dedicated June 15, 2016, by German President Joachim Gauck; Bishop Munib Younan, president of the Lutheran World Federation; Martin Junge, secretary general of the Lutheran World Federation; and Saxony-Anhalt Minister-President (Governor) Reiner Haseloff.

We are grateful for the generous support for the installation of this work of art:

Aluminium Rheinfelden, Germany
Andreas Klotz
Christoph Braun
Evangelical Church in Central Germany
Evangelical Church of Anhalt, Germany
Evangelische Bank, Germany
German National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Metallbau Henschel
Norbert Denecke
Olaf J. Mirgeler
Stiftung „Lebendige Stadt“
Thomas Schönauer
United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany

Zentrum Luthergarten

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